LUNCH: Open 7 Days - Mon-Sun: 11:30am to 2:00pm
DINNER: Open 7 Days - Mon-Sun: 4:00pm to 9:00pm

About Us

Zaafran Moroccan & Indian Cuisine Restaurant

Welcome to Zaafran Moroccan & Indian Cuisine Restaurant

Zaafran offers modern Moroccan & Indian Cuisine in a casual setting, which will appeal to all the senses. The menu is made up of a contemporary twist to Moroccan & Indian dishes and are presented in an authentic manner.

The taste of Moroccan & Indian Food is exotic and full of rich-deep earthy flavour. We only use the fresh ingredients for all our food, to ensure our customers get the best taste and healthy food.

Meet The Team

Head Chef - Damodar Bhurtel

Head Chef - Damodar Bhurtel

Over 25 years of experience working in Indian & Moroccan cuisine, Chef Damodar emphasis on what ingredients are going into each dish. He believes the use of good quality ingredients and cooking techniques matches good quality food.

Since, Damodar had no formal culinary qualification, his biggest influence was his family and the food that he ate growing up fresh from the garden. Damodar promise FRESH & HEALTHY food.

Damodar is "SKINNY chef you can trust". At ZAAFRAN mild is always MILD and hot is freaking jjj HOT, there won't be mismatch.

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